Up to this point I had was utilising skills that I have gained from other projects. But now with the roofing I was moving into unchartered territory.

Installation of the foam insert to prevent dirt and bugs etc getting into the shed.

First sheet placed on the roof to see how it looked.

Sheeting dry fitted into place, ready to be screwed down. I had lifted up the channel at the end of the piece as recommended in the installation instructions.

Putting in the screws was relatively easy. Just needed to make sure that I kept good pressure on the screw and perpendicular to the sheet.

Shot of one of the roof pieces fully screwed down. It isn't going anywhere!

Always good to clamp when the pieces of roofing are being joined to prevent lifting. The quick release clamps definitely helped here.

Colourbond roofing installed. Now all I need to do is install the flashing.

Rolling out the flashing, ready to be cut to size.

here is a shot with the flashing in place. Wished they had made a cream colour but in the end it just needs to be functional.

Sandstone ready to be ground down. I had marked out the end with how much I wanted to take off. It ended up being a lot easier than I though to do this. Having a decent angle grinder, proper disc for grinding stone, eye, ear and mouth protection helped as well.

Back capping in place. Was happy with how the angle that I had ground away. It ended up being snug against the brick wall.

Dry fit of the sandstone capping completed. Want to make sure that the gate could still swing open without hitting. Had to trim a little of one of the pailings to ensure this.

Couple of bags or mortar and the sandstone oxide in together. Just a matter of adding water and mixing.

Now with the mortar and the oxide mixed together, I was ready to start laying the capping. Getting the mortar up onto the top of the wall, the sandstone capping however was not so easy. Once placed I was able to tidy up and finish off the mortar. Pretty happy at the end of the day with the job that I did.

The shed is now complete. Now to start moving some of the items from the garage to the shed.