With the introduction of the shed I wanted to ensure that it was behind the front gate. This would then involve me bring the gate foward by about two metres. To achieve this I need to install a new post and attach a new post to the brick wall.

I was fortunate enough to a hole already dug when the fence was put in though I needed to bring it back a little. Didn't take me too long to extend it out using a variety of tools.

Lots of clay to contend with.

My estimates that I would need 8 bags of concrete though only ended up using 5. The bag of blue metal was so that I had some drainage at the bottom of the post.

The post was a 90mm x 90mm 2.4metre treated pine post.

A beautiful piece of wood, ready to go into the hole.

The whole was approx 60cm deep.

Added the blue metal to allow for drainage. Want to make sure this post lasts a lifetime.

Couldn't get the post sitting flush against the fence but made sure I could use the rigidity of the fence to ensure that it wouldn't move whilst the concrete cured.

Making sure that I had the post level.

A couple of scrap pieces of wood screwed into the post and then staked into the ground.

Getting the concrete ready for pouring. I was doing around 2 bags at a time.

And in goes the concrete. Along the way I was using a piece of wood to ensure there were no air pockets.

Almost to the top now.

Doing a dry fit of the post that I was going to dynabolt to the brick wall.

Drilling holes to line up with where I wanted to the post to be attached.

Picture of the dynabolts and masonary dirll bit that I was using.

Marking out where to drill into the brick wall.

Getting the dynabolts ready before the post was installed.

Picture of the gate now in the new position. Need to add an additional fence pailing to cater for the fact that the gate was slightly wider at that point in the drivway.

View from the front. I quick like the difference colours of the wood.

And the finished product. I also drilled a new hole for the drop bolt and shifted the slide bolt up with some new pieces of wood. Doesn't look pretty, though functional.