Construction of the wooden framing kicked off just after XMAS. I had organised to take a few days of work to make the most of the end of year break. I had estimated what my wood requirements were and took that down to the local Bunnings and placed an order. Due to the size of the pieces involved I needed to get the wood delivered which was a small added cost.

Laying out the wood and screwing it all together.

This was the first of many dry fits of the wooden frames.

Making sure that everything is level, though must admit that the sloping concrete slab threw up some challenges.

Back frame now up and in place.

Trying to get some idea around the angle of the roof.

Making some marks so that I can then make some measurements.

When dry fitting I could see that the brick was sticking out a little bit. Belief this is either the floor or vapour barrier.

Marking out where I was going to notch the frame.

Here I have notched out where the brick stands out.

Corner of the back frame now sits flush

Probably cut out a little bit more than what I should of but simply want to do this only once rather than going backwards and forwards.

At this point I called it a day, middle of summer here in the southern hemisphere. Frames are all ready to be installed.

Put down three coats of paving paint. Colour was "Gull Grey".

Starting to install the frame now. Using some spare pieces of wood to have it wedged against the brick wall.

Now with the side frames in place and starting to put the top pieces into place.

Notching the joists.

Beginning to do the installation of the joists.

All the joists are now installed and adding some additional strength with pieces of timber between each.

Frame complete, now ready to put on the front pieces.

Top fascia piece now in place with clamps holding everything together.

Attaching the front piece, hoping that it will clean up the look and feel and ensure that I minimise twisting/warping of the wood.

Making sure that everything is nice and level.

Holes drilled ready for the installation of the bolts.

Top bolts now installed.

Bolts now in place making the front of the frame look more neat and tidy.

Frame now completely in place with ready for the doors to be installed.