Now with the frame installed, time to start putting together the doors made and installed.

Top, diagonal and bottom structural pieces layed out.

Ended up using 1.8 metre lenghts of fence pailings, many of which were quite warped. I should have paid closer attention when I was choosing them.

Here I am roughly laying them out in position before screwing them down.

Doors finished, ready to be hung.

Door is now hung. Really now getting some idea as to the final product.

Installing the pieces of cut down fence pailing to ensure that I make the shed doors as water/weather proof as possible.

Now with both doors installed. Could have done a better job ensuring that the top of the fence pailings were flush across the top.

And here is a picture of what the inside of the door looks like. As weather proof as I can make it.

Here is a close up of the barrel bolts that will allow me to keep the doors closed.

A wider angle shot with the doors installed.