Getting someone out such a small area was a real pain. As the space was only approx 2 metres by 1.3 metres for the main slab and a tiny spot where the gate would be positioned, it was very difficult to get someone to commit. I had got some quotes not long after I got the brick wall erected and I wished I had taken them up on their offer. Here I had taped out how I wanted the slab to be poured with it sloping left to right and back to front.

As the XMAS break was fast approaching I wanted to get the job done and was fortunate to find. Eventually I found Tony ( who accepted the challenge. He and another guy turned up at the agreed time and did all the concreting. It was such a relief when I got home that evening to see it done. I could then start to picture how it would look with all the framing in place.

And the driveway threshold. This is where the gate will be positioned in the future. Thought they did a great job.