The Final Product

Here you can see the final room along with the old. Just use the vertical slide to see the changes that have been made.

The Old Setup
The New Setup

It is always difficult to take a photo of projector without either being under exposed on room or over exposed on the screen image. So here I have combined two images together to give you some idea as to how good it looks. The picture quality on the Foxtel IQ2 HD is fantastic and makes sports such as AFL, Rugby Leagure and any type of motor sport very enjoyable.

After dreaming for so long to have a decent home theatre I finally have it. As I just mentioned sport in high definition is a real pleasure to watch. It's only when you watch it under standard definition do you realise how much better the HD feed is. Watching Bluray movies is also very enjoyable. I am slowly going through and replacing my favourite DVDs with Blurays. The quality of the picture and audio is unsurpassed.

In terms of the hifi components used I have been impressed once again with the Pioneer receiver, Sony Bluray player, Paradigm speakers and Epson projector. I am happy to answer any questions if you have any. Feel free to send me an email.