The New Hifi Gear

To get ready for the new home theatre room it was time to upgrade the all of the existing home theatre components and speakers. I decided that I would look to get another Pioneer receiver. I have been using this brand for over 15 years and have always been happy with the quality and reliability. Here I have just unpacked the Pioneer VSX-1020. Certainly a lot lighter than the previous receivers that I've owned.

Pioneer VSX-1020

I didn't stay as loyal with the speakers as I did with the receiver. This time I went with Paradigm. For the front speakers I decided on the Monitor 9's.

Paradigm Monitor 9

The centre speaker is a Paradigm Monitor 209.

Paradigm CC-290 Monitor

And for the subwoofer I went with a Paradigm DSP-3200.

Paradigm DSP-3200

Here is the component rack, with the Pioneer VSX-1020, a Sony Bluray player and a Foxtel IQ2HD.

With all the components bought, it was now just a matter of getting the projector installed. You can read about it here.