Eclipse Orchestrator

I've been interested in capturing total solar eclipes after seeing my first in far north Queensland, Australia back in 2012. To capture the event i utilised Eclipse Orchestrator from Moonglow Technologies which has the ability of combining your know location to timing of events preceeding, during and after totality.

I utilised the software once again after travelling to Nebraska for the August 2017 eclipse and was quite successful with it. Here are a few shots that I took.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 2017

My next trip is planned for July 2019 in Chile where I will join a group of like minded travellers for a short six day tour. Once again Eclipse Orchestrator will be the main tool that I will be using along with a Canon 5DSR and a Canon 100-400mm lens.

The table below details development of scripts with focus on ensuring the number of photos I take aligns with the cameras capabilities and/or limitations.

Date Created Target Totality Length Hardware Setup Comments File
28-May-2019 2m29s
  • Canon 5DSR
  • Canon EF 100-400MM F/4.5-5.6L IS II USM LENS
  • Sony 32GB Professional 300mb/s SF-G V90 Tough SD Card
  • Hap Griffin Astro-Cable
  • C1 to C2 partials, every 1%
  • C3 to C4 partials, every 1%
  • C2 Diamong Ring (# = 3)
  • C3 Diamong Ring (# = 6)
  • C2 Baily's Beads (# = 3)
  • C3 Baily's Beads (# = 3)
  • C2 Prominences (# = 3)
  • C3 Prominences (# = 3)
  • C2 Chromosphere (# = 3)
  • C3 Chromosphere (# = 3)
  • Earth shine (# = 1)
  • Corona bracketing consisting of 12 images (# = 4)

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