Total Solar Eclipse 2012

On the 14th November 2012, far north Queensland and parts of the Pacific experienced a total solar eclipse. Being so close to my home in Sydney I thought it was a great opportunity to experience it. To keep a track of the the lead up to and the Eclipse itself I have kept a blog. Links for each are available below.

11th August 2012 Trip Booked for Solar Elcipse In November 2012
6th September 2012 Kit for Solar Eclipse in November 2012
20th October 2012 Rest of kit arrives for Total Solar Eclipse
9th November 2012 Travelling to Port Douglas
10th November 2012 Mossman Gorge
11th November 2012 Cairns and beyond
12th November 2012 Visit to Daintree Rainforest
13th November 2012 Final Preparations for Total Solar Eclipse
14th November 2012 Total Solar Eclipse from Port Douglas

Site Selection

Each morning in the lead up to the eclipse I went out at the time of totality and took photos looking for the best spot. I was looking for clearance over the top of the trees that cover the shore line.


Final Preparations

Didn't want to leave anything to chance on the day so did a lot of dry runs to make sure I was ready.

Total Solar Eclipse

Here is a video that I took of the eclipse. Wasn't able to experience the entirety of the eclipse but what I did see was defintely worth the wait. In fact seeing it in person was far better than what the video could capture.